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Hello there and welcome to TinkerMade.


Handmade local art, we are based in Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire and have always had an interest in making and creating.


We are both inspired by the beauty of the natural world and Phil is particularly interested in how things work. He is always researching his next project, having taken a snippet of inspiration from something, somewhere.


Everything you see on our site is made by us, with a great deal of pleasure and a heap of love. Phil’s parents were both potters, so he grew up with clay; creating all sorts from newts and frogs, dragons and lions to cups and plates. He particularly enjoys slab building and more sculptural items. I am more of a home-crafter. My Granny introduced me to knitting and embroidery, and I’ve dabbled with crochet, felting, macramé, card making, cake decorating, photography, sewing and pebble art. I have many favourites but do particularly love making the Botanical Impressions as we make them together.


If we are at a show or exhibiting anywhere, then it is very likely you will meet us. We believe in what we create and just love meeting our customers. Seeing the delight and joy our work brings. Our creations are across homes worldwide, which gives us enormous happiness.


We are not experts in art ourselves, much like Herb and Dorothy Vogel, we buy what we like and our home is filled with a variety of pieces. We both have day jobs, which can be stressful, so for us TinkerMade is our therapy. Escape the daily grind and enrich your life by making and creating – it’s amazing therapy!


We hope you enjoy our site, and look forward to meeting you.


Michelle & Phil

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